Lise Roland Johansen
Copenhagen Economics
Head of Communications and Operations

“We contacted Konform because of hot recommendations - and our high expectations were met from the first meeting. Conform dared to challenge our design manual and hit the spot. The collaboration has been very accommodating and flexible all the way - with the extra effort in terms of it. ”


Eko Game Jam

Web development, Branding, Visual Design

Eko Game Jam is a game jam that brings together environmental data and game jams. With the help of the event producer, I designed and developed the whole visual and online presence for Eko Game Jam.



Eko Game Jam is first of a kind. A game jam that brings out the best environmental data gathered and analysed by the brightest scientist to creative use. The game jam was done in a partnership with Avoin, Finnish Innovation Foundation Sitra, Finnish Environmental Institute Syke and the Finnish Environmental Ministry. Challenge was how to attract together people from both the environmental sector and the game design/development sector. After going thru some options and looking at events that breached the same audience base, we decided to take a direction that differed from the obvious. Instead of portraying images of forests or having a dark hackathon/gamer type of theme we aimed to create something colourful, creative and geeky.


Our focus was to create a clear message that is communicated as effectively as possible. The website for the event had to be flexible and was designed and developed using Webflow. Before and during the event days the website had a clear call to action - register to the event and see the schedule. After the first event, we changed the content and structure so that you are not asked to register to a past event, but read about how the first ever Eko Game Jam went and to contact the organisers for more information. When the next Eko Game Jam happens it is easy just to modify the call to action! You can see the website at:

Science is not about why.

For the overall visual design and for the logo, I decided to keep it fun and geeky. As the name, Eko Game Jam tells you perfectly what the jam is all about I wanted to go with a typography logo that has an arcade game twist.  The slogan "Science is not about why. It's about why not!" concedes the Eko Game Jam attitude perfectly, it is also a famous quote from a popular video game called Portal. Using this idea of taking legendary and inspiring quotes that gamers and non-gamers would like, I made up a couple of print posters, email and social media campaign material images.

In the end the first ever Eko Game Jam managed to get 75 participants, with a really small marketing budget and a short campaign time. During the jam, the teams developed 12 brilliant game prototypes utilising world-class environmental data. All partners involved stated that Eko Game Jam excited their expectations and are excited to scale the event even further in the future.

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