Lise Roland Johansen
Copenhagen Economics
Head of Communications and Operations

“We contacted Konform because of hot recommendations - and our high expectations were met from the first meeting. Conform dared to challenge our design manual and hit the spot. The collaboration has been very accommodating and flexible all the way - with the extra effort in terms of it. ”



Product design, UX/UI design

Circul is a marketplace where you recycle construction material for free. Currently, I am the sole designer on this project and it is run by Avoin. In this case study, I'm showing you how I went on design the first launch flow for a user that wants to see what recycled construction material is available for pick up.



Circul project started with a dataset that holds all the buildings in Helsinki area that are going to be demolished in the near future. The dataset was location-based and put on a map by our developer. Based on this map, Avoin wanted to try to create a marketplace with two players. The partner who has to demolish the building and recycle construction material with another partner who is looking to buy construction material. My responsibility was to design a functional marketplace that utilises this map.


When creating a new product like Circul I usually start with scoping the minimum viable product. As we didn’t have a product manager working on the project who could do full-scale research, I did a quick UX strategy session in order to learn more about the market, target audience and the competition. Working with information gathered during the research phase, I was able to set up user flows. From that, I continued with the first version of wireframes. After the review session on the wireframes, I prototyped the MVP using Adobe XD. When it came to prototyping I first designed the key frames and moved down from there.

Keeping it lean.

I intended to keep the features as minimum as possible. I examined different options on how to sort and search for recycled construction material. After iterating on various ideas, I ended up leaving it just as a location-based recommendation feed and a conventional search bar. The users presumably don't want to travel far to fetch the heavy construction material like pipes and rebars. Therefore they will only care if they happen to find something relatively close. Furthermore, the pilot will happen in Helsinki area. The pilot users will see all the recycled material from the get-go, as it is already near. In the future, we can refine the sorting and search features based on the feedback from the actual pilot users.

Circul was a part of Kokeilunpaikka circular economy challenge. It received a small development fund worth of 10k from winning the building and construction waste category.

If you wish to know more about the project or hear a more in-depth study on my process please do contact me.

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